X.O.I Skin + Wellness Beverage: Beet & Berries (Pack of 6)

By X.O.I Skin & Wellness From United States

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At X.O.I, we are here to provide you true skin nutrition and beauty from within! X.O.I Skincare Beverage line is a Super-Premium skin hydration beverage of the next technology in the natural food industry.
- Powered by the Vietnamese Gac Superfruit, X.O.I's skin nutrients are 100% natural.
- Each bottle contains the daily suggested intake of LYCOPENE, 2mg of BETA-CAROTENE, and a substantial amount of OMEGA 3, 6, 9, vitamin E, and zeaxanthin.
- X.O.I beverages are good for:
1. Boosting skin hydration
2. Healing acne and reducing blemish
3. Easing UVA-induced erythema formation due to sun light exposure
4. Supporting general immunity & anti-inflamatory activities

X.O.I beverages are curated based on the science of photo-protection, with high anti-aging properties that are backed by sciences and global researches. In addition, X.O.I is low in calorie and low in sugar. Despite the intense color (which comes from the high amount of lycopene and beta-carotene), X.O.I beverages are light, refreshing, and easy to drink.

Regular consumption of our beverages are highly recommended.