SAMBAL - Broth & Sauce Nasi Goreng

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We deliver original flavor! Our Sambal Nasi Goreng is a perfect blend of spicy sauce, made of fresh-cut chilies, and aromatic spices. Traditionally, Nasi goreng (fried rice in Indonesian and Malaysian food tradition) is a popular breakfast item among farmers, made of leftover rice and homemade sambal. Without sambal, nasi goreng is rendered meaningless among Indonesians and Malaysians. Making nasi goreng is easy with our Sambal Nasi Goreng. Mix two tablespoon of Sambal Nasi Goreng and two cups of cooked rice. Pop in the microwave for 4 minutes or put the mixture in a saucepan over stove-top, for 7 minutes. Plate it, garnish it with omelette, peanuts, and kerupuk (Indonesian fish chips)