Fuego Dulce's Sweet-Fire "Chocolate" Ghost BBQ Sauce (16 oz./Pint)

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Fuego Dulce's Sweet-Fire "Chocolate" Ghost BBQ Sauce (16 oz./Pint)

Each Fuego Dulce creation is a masterpiece juxtaposing the heat of various tropical peppers with a special blend of sugars, herbs, and spices. In search of the perfect fusion, we extended our line of sauces to include a variation on a favorite. If you like our Ghost BBQ Sauce, you've got to try Fuego Dulce's Sweet-Fire "Chocolate" Ghost BBQ Sauce. The "chocolate" ghost pepper is slightly sweeter than its ghost cousin and introduces a smoky undertone to its slow burn. Bet you never knew that something so spooky could taste so good.

Fuego Spice Scale Rating: 6.5 / 10

Qty: 1 jar (16 oz/Half Pint)