PURE Certified Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

By CalPure Foods From United States

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PURE Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is quickly becoming one of the most exciting ingredients in the pantry today. Emerald green in color, smooth and nutty on the palate, it is as flavorful and rich as an avocado itself. Since the time the Aztecs, the avocado has been prized for its many health benefits and nutrients; today, we know it to be rich in monounsaturated fats, high in cholesterol-lowering beta sitosterol. That's what makes PURE Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil the perfect addition to any heart-healthy diet. In addition, this remarkable oil's versatility and high smoke point makes it as ideal for high-temperature cooking as it is for dipping, drizzling, spreading and emulsifying. As one of the few cooking oils made from the pulp of the fruit rather than the pit, avocado oil is produced as naturally as possible, free of hexane and other chemical solvents. What's more, PURE Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is a tremendous value, offering consumers the best quality avocado oil on the market, at the best price.