Kolang Kaling Fruit

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If you foodies compote surely recognize kolang kaling forth. Fruit is also often referred to as the atap fruit is often used in mixed drinks such as compote and ice mixed. It was indeed delicious and tasty, but it also fits in well when mixed with the culinary variety of drinks.
But did you know that kolang kaling fruit holds various benefits for our health?

NUTRIENTS: Fruits kolang kaling moisture content to 93.8% for every 100 grams. Then also contains 4 grams carbohydrates, 1 gram of ash, crude fiber 0.95 grams and 0.69 grams of protein. Plus content of gelatin and vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and its benefits to the body.
Efficacy Kolang Kaling Fruit for Health: Did you know that it turns out calcium from kolang forth almost equal to whole milk. If you are someone who is running the program does not want to diet or obesity, you can use this as an alternative to milk.
If someone is experiencing arthritis, it tends often experience pain in the knees when walking after a few minutes or when climbing stairs.
If you or your relatives are experiencing problems with the arthritis, you can use pieces of thekolang kaling as a natural medicine. Boil without sugar or colorings, you can use it as a snack. Because it contains carbohydrates galaktomannan 52.9% are able to relieve pain or provide analgesic effect. It will be able to reduce the pain of arthritis.
Kolang kaling contain up to 39% crude fiber. The fiber will help to aid digestion the body.
Back according to research conducted, fruit gelatin roof contain levels high enough so as to function accelerates satiety and appetite. Can be used as a diet food, also tasted fresh when consumed.

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