Peuyeum (Alcoholic Food)

By Holytasty From Indonesia

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Fermentated Cassava / Peuyeum from Bandung Indonesia
Peuyeum, is a traditional alcoholic fermented food found throughout much of East- and Southeast Asia. It is a sweet or sour alcoholic food and can be used directly as a food or in traditional recipes. It is usualy eat with ice cream / cold milk / do a little bit pan seared / directly eat. You can creatively serve it, because the taste is so good.

NUTRIENTS: Peuyeum made from raw materials that are already in the fermentation with Saccharomyces Cerivisiae Microorganisms that help transform the carbohydrates (fructose and glucose) into alcohol and carbon dioxide. There are also other microorganisms such as Mucorchlamidosporus and Endomycopsisfibuligera that help transform starch into sugar (glucose). Since 'Peuyeum' major component is glutinous cassava, it is therefore high in simple carbohydrates, with a small value of protein and fat, It has very high glycaemic index of 98. It has a few micronutrients such as calcium, iron, and vitamin B.

NOTE: Not good for baby because it contains alcohol from fermentation process.

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