Fried Locust / Grasshopper

By Holytasty From Indonesia

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Natural Edible Fried Locust / Grasshopper / Inago
Natural fried locust/grasshopper/inago, meaning they are adult locust caught from field. Not domestically grown locust. Fresh, Natural, and not factory feeded. Peoples eat locusts because of their nutritional content. Locusts are an excellent source of protein and contain a variety of fatty acids and minerals. Locusts are an important food source in many other countries.

NUTRIENTS: According to the book “Insects” by Steve Parker, species of locusts vary in protein content from about 50 percent of dry weight to almost 60 percent, making them denser in protein than cows. Overall, the protein nutritional value of locust is considered inferior to casein, which is the primary protein of dairy products. The percentage of fat in desert locusts is lower than their percentage of protein. Locusts also contain adequate amounts of iodine, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, as well as traces of calcium, magnesium and selenium. Carbohydrate levels are very low in locusts, which makes them a good candidate for Atkins and Paleo types of diets. Some people describe cooked locust as similar to smoky flavored bacon and reasonably tasty. Its so tasty and crisp.

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