Grilled Unagi / Grilled Asian Eel

By Holytasty From Indonesia

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Unagi Kabbayaki/Dendeng seasoning grilled unagi. We use indonesian traditional seasoning (dendeng seasoning) to grill the Unagi. It so tasty, sour sweet and savory.
We use Aren Sugar to make dendeng seasoning, which trusted as the most healthy sugar.

NUTRIENTS: Unagi contains vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E, which are effective agents for rejuvenating the body in summer. Among them, vitamin B1 is especially easy to loose in sweat, several minerals and high quality protein, as well as unsaturated fatty acids like DHA and EPA are more abundant in unagi than in other seafood. The benefits of these unsaturated fatty acids have been vigorously researched and well documented. The following is a summary of the major health benefits of DHA and EPA: - Decreases cholesterol - Lowers blood pressure - Prevents vascular diseases - Reduces the risk of developing arthritis - Promotes normal brain development and nervous system function - Promotes good eyesight See- Now hopefully you understand why having unagi at the end of the summer is good for you.

PACKAGE: Vacuum plastic packed and Frozen.
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PRICE: $45.00 for 1 Kilogram frozen dendeng grilled unagi.