How to list an item

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1) First of all Create your store and fill in the form:

2) Add your paypal email, (My Store-->payments)

3) After that go to "Shipping" and "add a product type" (My store -->Shipping)

4) Finally go to "My Items" and "List a new item"

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Before a seller can list their items they must first set up some core information about their store.

  1. Provide the PayPal address where they will receive payment. This must be a Verified PayPal account. If the user created a store via the "Create a store" process then this step will be done. However if the user registered as a user then upgraded to a store they will have to provide this information.
  2. Part of listing an item is choosing the shipping profile that they want to use for the item. Shipping profiles therefore need to be created before listing items. Here they seller creates profiles depending on the type of items they will be selling and then chooses there they will send them and how much it costs to send the item to each location.
  3. Once these two steps are complete then listing an item is very straightforward, there is a single one page form to fill in. We recommend sellers use Google Chrome when listing their items.