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Welcome to Foodris

Foodris is the first online marketplace for unique, high-quality food and drink products, connecting buyers with independent sellers from around the globe. Our mission is to build a platform to give artisans and small businesses a voice in a world dominated by big corporate players.


Your own Free dedicated online store on Foodris

Foodris enables you to gather all your items into one store with a unique URL (e.g.

  • Sell directly to customers
  • Setting up a store is a great way to market what you offer. You can use it as your primary online presence or you can link it to your existing website to drive more traffic to your business. Either way, Foodris will give you exposure to a growing community of users
  • Open a Foodris online store. Producers have their own FREE e-shop through which they sell products anywhere in the world
  • Reach new customers from all over the world
  • Dramatically increase your potential market from local to national and international
  • Set selling prices, producers set the final prices of their products, thus gaining greater control over their business.
  • Direct supply, producers sell their products directly to the consumer, bypassing wholesale or retail markups
  • Strengthen producer & consumer relationship. Direct communication between producers and buyers. We value the relationships you have with your customers. Our messaging system allows your customers to contact you directly for questions and orders. We want your current relationships to grow and give you the opportunity to create and support new relationships while gaining new customers.
  • You make the rules. Every business operates differently. You lay the ground rules for your customers including purchase, returns and exchanges and other policies to make your business run smoothly.
  • Manage your order with our CRM system. Keep track of your orders and interact directly with your customers in case anything goes wrong.

Create a store

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Frequently asked questions

How did Foodris get its name?
Foodris is a combination of three worlds, Food, drink and Shop.

How does Foodris make money and how much does it cost to sell on Foodris?
Our business model is based on shared success: We make money when Foodris sellers make money. Marketplace Fees are calculated on a "pay-as-you-sell" basis, meaning that you pay a commission of 5% fee for sales completed on our website. There are no setup costs, no monthly contract and no hidden fees… We ONLY charge you when we’ve successfully helped you sell your products and grow your business.

How can I join the Foodris community?
To become a member of the Foodris shopping community, create a free account by clicking ‘Register’ on our homepage.

How can I become a Foodris seller?
If you want to sell your food and/or drink products on Foodris, make sure they fit within our terms of use, especially with the paragraph 4. Then, visit: Create a Store to set up your shop. It is completely free to set up a global business.

Is there a limit to how may items I can place on Foodris?
No. You can offer as many things for sale as you wish.

How do I collect payment?
PayPal manages all payments for Foodris purchases. When a customer pays you for their purchase, you should receive an email from PayPal confirming receipt of money in your PayPal account.

Create a store